3D Printing Service

Parts in as fast as 1 day

3d printing service example of detail

Commercial-grade 3D printing produces highly precise prototypes and end-use parts in as fast as 1 day.

We offer 3 different processes:

  • Stereolithography (SL)

  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

  • Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

Whether small parts with precise geometries or large, highly detailed patterns are needed, we use proprietary process controls and calibration techniques to produce the highest quality parts every single time.

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“Proto Labs is a tremendous ally because they enable us to develop and iterate at a much higher speed.” — Kevin Anderson, Mechanical Engineer at Google(X)

“Proto Labs’ manufacturing expertise and scale, coupled with its quick-turn capabilities, allow us to optimize our supply chain, accelerate product development and launch new products to market sooner and at reasonable costs.”  — Agusti Garcia, Strategic Procurement Engineering Lead at Hewlett-Packard Company


“The parts from Proto Labs surpassed my expectations. I was able to complete a line trial 5 weeks prior to getting first shots off of production tools." — Ron Bycraft, Ford Motor Company